Art for Sale

Please contact Miriam if you would like to buy any of the artworks below.

Commissions are available on request. Contact Miriam for your enquiries.

Bespoke art/crafts packs are available for all ages and abilities. View sample packs here.

In the Shadows
Mixed media/framed. Size: 69cm width x 88cm height. Price: £750.00.

Moorland Landscape III
Acrylic on canvas/framed. Size: 82cm width x 82cm height. Price: £800.00.

Ink on paper/mounted. Size: 65cm width x 51cm height. Price: £320.00.

Herefordshire at Dusk
Acrylic on canvas/unframed. Size: 56cm width x 65cm height. Price: £410.00.

And onto Guisborough
Acrylic on canvas/framed. Size: 65cm width x 56cm height. Price: £580.00.

Wind Through the Reeds
Acrylic on canvas/framed. Size: 65cm width x 55cm height. Price: £510.00.

Mixed media framed. Size: 44cm width x 54cm height. Price: £350.00.

Glorious Heather
Acrylic and collage on canvas/framed. Size: 58cm width x 47cm height. Price: £495.00.

Alhambra Gardens
Acrylic on canvas/unframed. Size: 46cm width x 55cm height. Price: £395.00.

Mixed media framed. Size: 57cm width x 68.5cm height. Price: £480.00.

Bespoke Art/Craft Packs

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