Miriam’s artwork is the investigation and response to the natural world around her; She absorbs the complexities of line, texture, shape, and colour which she aspires to debate visually in her paintings.

Miriam has a background in printmaking which ignited her interest in technique-led painting. She experiments with mark making by using palette knives, plastic cards, large brushes, and sponges to build up layers of paint for a more textured finish. Miriam works predominantly in acrylics paint; at the same, she includes other media into her paintings such as handmade collage, oil pastels and textured medium.

The inspiration for her artwork is driven by an emotional reaction to the environment, be it in England or other countries.

Yorkshire, in the North of England is a place that Miriam adopted since moving to study a BA (Hons) degree in Graphics Arts and Design at Leeds Metropolitan University in the 1990’s.

Distinct locations inspire her for different reasons. There is a starkness and arresting quality to the landscape of the North Yorkshire Moors, which captures a stillness and atmosphere to the painting of them.

A bird reserve in East Leeds, inspired Miriam to represent the wind in the landscape, with palette knives, she subtly painted the abundant reeds and rushes around the water’s edge.

Frankfort is on Lake Michigan in Northern Michigan USA, a place close to her heart as family draws her there. There is a special light which dominates the ‘Lake’, this alone must be captured in her artwork. Changing seasons brings the abundance of tonal light qualities to each image. I enjoy the challenge of representing the changing colours of the seasons within the landscape in this location; as the paintings evolve in style, the perspectives of composition develop alongside it.


2020 Online Annual exhibition with Leeds Fine Artists July
2019 Finalist for Be Inspired Gallery@ Danby N. Yorks
2019 Exhibition with LFA @ Huddersfield Art Gallery
2018/19 Exhibition with English Art Co, Roundhay Park, Leeds
2018 LFA – Dean Clough – Halifax
2017 Great North Art Show – Ripon Cathedral
2016 Roundhay Open Studios Leeds
2016 Leeds Fine Artists- Dean Clough- Halifax
2016 Solo show in Sunbury on Thames
2015 ‘Artcasts’ @BBC, Leeds Gallery Munro House
2015 Artist in residence Boston Spa Arts Festival
2015 Roundhay Open Studios – Leeds