Leeds Fine Artists Exhibition – Lotherton Hall (October – December 2012)

Miriam is one of three prominent members of the Leeds Fine Artists group exhibiting at Lotherton Hall between 4 October and 30 December 2012.

Alongside Cathy Warburton and Pat Willart, they are all members of the group which was founded in 1974 as the Leeds Fine Arts Club.  Over the years many well known and accomplished artists have been members.  Today its ranks are mainly comprised of professional artists who make their living through a combination of arts related activities.  Most sell their work in LFA exhibitions or private galleries.  Many have pursued or are pursuing careers in art education or some other branch of the arts.

The whole group is divided up into smaller ones to enable them to organise more individual exhibitions of their own; but still using the umbrella of ‘The Leeds Fine Artists’

This exhibition shows the work of the three Leeds artists. The subject of the exhibition is based around natural forms, each of the artists have a different approach.   Pat’s work is silk painting, Miriam uses a mixed media with oils, Cathy combines painting and stitch with collage.  All the artists work on different scales from quite small to relatively large.

The exhibition is at The Nightingale Gallery at Lotherton Hall until 30 December 2012 – for more information contact Lotherton Hall, Aberford, Leeds, LS25 3EB (Tel 0113 281 3259).

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