Art, Painting & Craft Workshops

Miriam’s experience of running workshops spans many years, and all age ranges.  Her open, friendly and inspirational style means that she is able to engage with all attendees so that each gets the best out of the time available.

Care homes and probation are just two areas where Miriam is innovating in this area, contact her today to find out more.

Care home workshops

I facilitate painting and craft sessions in multiple care homes throughout Yorkshire for residents who are differently able.

Each workshop/session is customised towards the audience, and these generally include residents suffering from dementia and physical difficulties.

I ensure that the residents are engaged and fulfilled in the activities, providing bespoke instruction and support: bringing residents together in a group situation, aids positive feelings of well being and reduces social isolation.

Probation workshops

I have also recently been working with former prisoners within independent Approved Premises, facilitating art and craft workshops at approved premises – a place to rehabilitate the residents before moving on into regular life.

During these workshops I motivate the Clients to work both individually and collaboratively within the group.  These sessions encourage creative thinking, therapeutic down time and an opportunity to discover an ability to express themselves positively in a friendly environment.  The outcomes can lead to exhibiting the artwork created, however the more important results are those of a clearer more positive mind set, to inform the next stage of their lives.

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